Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Salon Friday: Brainstorming on Study Abroad in Italy

An exciting message from our department chair, Dr. Howe, on a possible developing opportunity to study abroad near Naples, Italy:

SU Faculty
SU professional staff whose expertise intersects with a potential study abroad program (e.g. NITLE, Study abroad...)

I want to invite any SU community faculty/staff member who thinks they might be interested ideas for a potential SU-lead study abroad program in Italy, to an open salon-like discussion:

-at my house, 1205 Laurel St. (just across the street)
-Friday, Oct. 28
-5:00-6:30 P.M.

If too many people show up we may have to move to the street, but we'll see what happens! Red or white wine (cheap Italian, obviously).

Southwestern is seriously considering establishing a study abroad program at the Institute of the Foundation of which I a "Coordinatore Generale" (The Vesuvian International Institute of the Restoring Ancient Stabiae Foundation, and Italo-American Foundation), and possibly doing it rather quickly. It may be a semester program, it may be an academic year program, or May/Jan. terms, and it will work the NITLE to develop a component of distance learning (this will take more time) which may allow students there to continue taking courses from home campus, and vice versa. The Institute has c. 70/90 rooms with private bath, excellent dining, free internet, several classrooms, theater, auditorium, large secure property, breathtaking view, stands right over the connection to cheap (if bumpy) commuter rail connection to Pompei, Sorrento, Herculaneum and Naples. By spring 2013 there may well be other programs there, including semester programs of Univ Maryland Architecture students, Morningside college IA, lead by a specialist in philosophy of ancient sport; a Mediterranean culinary program by Johnson and Wales Univ.

The mission is to expand study abroad as absolutely essential to this coming generation's liberal education in a global world, and reduce its cost and increase its availability in ever-long academic programs.

We may partner with/lead other liberal arts colleges (e.g. ACS), or advertise our credit-granting program to them, in the manner of many who work through marketers/managers of study abroad like IES or ISA or others.

There could be a wide variety of courses, most likely concentrating on distrib. requirements, as does most study abroad, with rotating faculty from SU, or perhaps partner schools, and some hired locally in the Naples area, through Italian partner institutions of RAS Foundation (local universities) or American expat community.

Core programs would likely initially focus on language (Italian obviously, Latin, maybe Greek, maybe even Spanish or Arabic???) and other humanities, but could be a huge range, considering the resources of the Bay of Naples, and the institutional affiliations of the Restoring Ancient Stabiae Foundation and the Vesuvian Institute.
-volcanic geology
-world geography
-archaeology (duh).
-literature in context: Italian, al.
-art history, ancient, medieval, southern baroque, Islamic, etc. History, ditto.
-music history, opera, comedia dell'arte
-performance arts (RAS Foundation has a lecture hall, proscenium theater, concert venues on the actual archaeological sites, relationship with the Ravello Festival/Domenico de Masi.)
-arts management, cultural properties management
-service learning (building websites for local start up entrepreneurs? etc.)
et alii ad infinitum

It's wide open. I will be taking notes.

Vi invito venerdi' p.v.


Go to the Restoring Ancient Stabiae website for more information.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New York Arts Program- On Campus Today!

Campus Visit & Info Session
Wednesday, October 19th, 2011
(Open to all students)

Saturday Night Live --- Marvel Comics --- Ensemble Studio Theatre --- Prevention Magazine --- Metropolitan Museum of Art --- and the list goes on!

The New York Arts Program is one of the premier internship programs for students interested in gaining internship experience in the broad world of arts-related fields. Internships are in media, fine arts, museums, theater, music industry, publishing, entertainment, fashion design, magazines, casting agencies and the like. Internships with the NYAP provide 30 hours a week of real world experience and the opportunity to network with leading organizations and people in their industries. In addition, participating students are able to earn up to 16 hours of upper-level credit towards their degree plan. The NYAP now offers Bridge Programs for recent grads as well as a summer Theatre Conservatory Program.

Come and learn more about the program and tips for how to incorporate it into your academic experience at Southwestern. We are lucky to have Program Director, Linda Earle, visiting with us to talk about the cool internships our students are doing as part of the program.

Individual meeting times:

If you signed up for an individual meeting time, please visit with Ms. Earle in the lobby of the Alma Thomas Theater located in the Fine Arts Building.

Info Session:

12:20pm - 1:20pm
Dan Rather Room, Mabee Commons
Feel free to bring your lunch with you and spend time talking with Ms. Earle and NYAP alumna, Kelly Johnson '13, about the New York Arts Program.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 863-1346 or stop by Career Services in the Protho Center.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

First Installment of In Progress: Art History Working Papers, Fall 2011

Chasing Nazahualcoyotl's Portrait

Professor Patrick Hajovsky

Tuesday October 4, 11:30-12:00

Fine Arts Building, Room 235


The image above, from Codex Ixtlilxochitl (ca. 1579) is one of the only surviving
portraits of the important Aztec king, Nezahualcoyotl (1403-73), who ruled the city of Texcoco, one of the principal cities of the Aztec Triple Alliance. This portrait, while important to indigenous claims upon their noble heritage in the Spanish colonial system, represents a somewhat different conception of the king than had it been produced for an Aztec audience, both in the medium in which he is illustrated (a manuscript illustration) as well as the manner (as an historical agent). Though true Aztec portraits of the king are known to have existed, they only survive by description, since they were destroyed during early anti-idolatry campaigns.

My current research attempts to reconstruct the limits and expectations of Aztec portraiture by researching indigenous notions of the body as described in Nahuatl texts, to show that the lost sculpture of Nezahualcoyotl relied more heavily on hieroglyphic inscriptions and ritual performance than on creating a "lifelike" portrait.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

ArtStor Instructional Videos

The official YouTube channel from ArtStor has several useful videos to help you best navigate and utilize the database.

Here is a good new one on Faceted Searching:

Here is one for registering for an ArtStor account. Remember that you MUST do this if you wish to use the flashcard feature from your iPad/Phone/Pod Touch.

Class quiz images are currently available for Dr. Hajovsky's Art of Mesoamerica class. Students, remember that you can email me at or stop by my office 9-1 for more help!

Gallery Opening Reception for "Lifeboats"

Be sure to stop by the SSFA gallery reception today from 4 to 6. The impressive installation "Lifeboats" is by Southwestern University alum Heather Carter. The gallery is open 1 to 5 Monday to Friday and the exhibit will be up through September 29.

"In a time of massive environmental disasters, resource constraints, global climate change, economic upheaval, and geopolitical instability, this installation calls our attention to the signs of change. It urges us to consider the transition back to a simpler life, the strength in community and tradition and re-learning our ancestors' skills. This installation is a call to gather together and build lifeboats. "

Here is a write-up on Austin Art Blogs.
Heather's page on Texas Society of Sculptors' website.
The official SSFA event page.

Back from Maternity Leave

I am glad to have returned to Southwestern half-time! Baby Elizabeth was born July 5th at 6lb 50z. She is healthy but extremely crabby! I will be working Monday to Friday 9-1. My wonderful student workers- who managed things beautifully while I was gone- will take over in the afternoons. I will return to full-time status in November and resume 8 to 5 hours.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Out on Maternity Leave

Visual Resources Librarian Katherine Hooker will be out on FMLA Maternity Leave, beginning sometime around July 6th. She will be out full-time for 8 weeks (until just after Labor Day, approximately), then return 20 hours per week to stretch out the FMLA leave time. A more concrete calendar will be provided when possible.

In the meantime, student workers will steer collection operations. Professors can submit work requests using blank forms found in the VRC. For last-minute work, please see the Help Binder on the main desk. It contains instructions for self-scanning, photoshop editing, Artstor use, etc. Copies of all these documents may also be found on Moodle. Art and Art History professors have already been enrolled, and should see the VRC 'course' under Projects and Services. Email to be added to the roster.

Student workers or professors seeking access to the collection during business hours may borrow the key from Allison Fannin or Alena Garcia, 1st floor of the Fine Arts Building.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation, and please email Katherine at for further assistance (allow ample response time).